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Internet Nebraska:
Lincoln: 402-434-8680
Toll Free: 800-GET-INET (800-438-4638)

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Digital Subscriber Lines

Century Link Area Promotions
Speed 1st 6 Months 2nd 6 Months  
Choice DSL Deluxe (1.5M/896k) $37.95/mo1,2 $42.95/mo1,2 Order Now!
Choice DSL Platinum (3-7M/896k) $47.95/mo1,2 $52.95/mo1,2 Order Now!

Standalone DSL Promotions
Residential Standalone DSL Deluxe(1.5M/896k)
No Phone Line needed!
$42.95/mo1,2 $47.95/mo1,2 Order Now!
Residential Standalone DSL Platinum(3-7M/896k)
No Phone L ine needed!
$52.95/mo1,2 $57.95/mo1,2 Order Now!
Business Standalone DSL Deluxe(1.5M/896k)
No Phone Line needed!
$59.95/mo1,2 $64.95/mo1,2 Order Now!
Business Standalone DSL Platinum(3-7M/896k)
No Phone Line needed!
$79.95/mo1,2 $84.95/mo1,2 Order Now!

1 Price does not include the DSL Modem charge ($50 plus tax and shipping).
2 Price based on additional Internet Nebraska 12-month commitment

IN DSL Internet Nebraska offers high-speed DSL Internet access, and it includes 5 e-mail boxes -- enough for the whole family.

DSL Pricing Information

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What is DSL?

Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, is a fast, high-speed Internet service. It is available for home users as well as businesses. DSL runs over a standard voice phone line, and you can use it while talking on the phone at the same time.

How fast is DSL?

We offer DSL in 2 different service tiers within the Century Link area.

  • Choice DSL Deluxe - 1.5M download / 896k upload
  • Choice DSL Platinum - 3M, 5M, or 7M download / 896k upload
As a always-on, network-based technology, the Internet connection can be share by multiple devices (such as computers, game consoles, smart phones, and tablets) through a mix of a DSL modem, switch, and even wirelessly via a wireless access point.

Which DSL tier should I get?

With the ever growing multi-media focus of the Web, having the right tier of service is important. Generally speaking, both tiers will work well for a single user. Higher speeds may be necessary for a better online experience depending upon the desired usage such as streaming HD class video content or using multiple devices at once.

Where is DSL available?

Please see our DSL Overview Page for a list of locations with DSL service.

Note that not all locations in every city will be eligible to receive DSL service. Distance and line quality limitations can make DSL inoperative for some locations. A line quality check will be performed after your order is placed to help determine if you can receive DSL.

What are the computer requirements for DSL?

Any modern home computer running Windows XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8, MacOS; games consoles; and other devices (such as smart phones and tablets) that can connect to your home or business network. (We even see a Linux box now and then.) Like its other high-speed counterparts, a DSL connection can be used by practically any computer or device that has network accessibility.

Internet Nebraska primarily supports Windows XP or higher and MacOS for operating systems along with a variety of network routers and access points. Additionally, we can usually help with rapidly growing array of mobile devices (as well as that occasional Linux box.)

Do I need special hardware for DSL?

A DSL modem is required. The most common setup today is a DSL modem (which may or may not have wireless capability) and a network switch for a typical home or small business. The DSL modem is connected to your phone jack and then connected to the switch. Your computers and devices are connected to the switch. Generally speaking, all that you will need to buy is a DSL modem.

Internet Nebraska sells both a normal DSL modem and one that has wireless access as well as other network hardware for customized solutions (such as setting up a wireless hot spot for your customers in your business or expanding your network for an office space and back-up servers.)

How do I sign up for DSL?

To order your DSL service from Internet Nebraska, please fill out this DSL Order Form. Internet Nebraska will take care of ordering the circuit from the telephone company for you, all you need to do fill out a form to get the ball rolling.

Due to the requirements the telcos place on us, we need each DSL customer to complete, sign, and return a form that authorizes Internet Nebraska to order DSL service on your telephone circuit in your name.

You will be given the chance to download this document, or to have it faxed or mailed to you after filling out the on-line form.

ting! - A Revolutionary New Phone Service
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