ISK Macintosh Setup Instructions

The first step in getting your Macintosh connected is to obtain the correct software. If you have system 7.5.2 or later, go back a page and see the entry on setting up a Macintosh with Open Transport, otherwise all the needed software is included in the book The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh by Adam Engst. You can purchase this book from a local bookstore, software retailer, or directly from Internet Nebraska.

Once you have the software, follow these instructions to get your computer connected to the Internet.

Installing the Internet Starter Kit
Insert the ISKM diskette into the computer. Double-click the ISKM Installer when it appears on your screen. The ISKM logo will come up, click Continue to proceed.

A few screenfuls of information will be presented. You should read through this information, and then click the Continue button.

A dialog box will pop up. Full MacPPP Install is the default, and since this is what you want, click the Install button. Click Yes when asked if you would like to continue.

You will then be asked where you would like to install the ISKM disks on your hard drive. The default is fine if you don't have another preference. Click Save, and then click Restart to restart the computer.

Configuring MacTCP
Open the Control Panels folder and double click on the MacTCP icon. You will get a dialog box that looks something like this:

Highlight the PPP icon in the top section, and then click the More... button. This will take you to the MacTCP configuration window shown below.

In the Obtain Address area at the upper left of the window, select Server.

In the Domain Name Server information area at the lower right, click the first field under the Domain column, and type, being sure to include the trailing period. Press Tab or click the first field under IP address. Type and click the default button for this entry. Press Tab or click in the second field under domain, and type a single period. Press Tab or click in the second field under IP Address and type again. Repeat this for the third and fourth rows, using a period for the Domain and and for the IP Addresses, as shown. Note that you will need to scroll down to get to the fourth row.

Press the OK button to save your changes. Close the MacTCP window and you will be asked to restart your computer. Restart your computer at this time.

Configure MacPPP
Open the Control Panels folder and double click the Config PPP icon. This will bring up the Config PPP window.

Click the New... button and type in Internet Nebraska. Press OK.

Click the Config... button to bring up the server configuration dialog box.

From the Port Speed pop-up menu, choose 57600 if you have a 14.4kbps or faster modem. If you have a slower modem, choose the port speed that corresponds to your modem speed.

If you have a 14.4kbps or fsater modem, choose CTS Only from the Flow Control pop-up menu. If you have a slower modem, choose None.

In the Phone Num field, enter 434-6910. If you have call waiting, you should disable it for this call by entering 70#,434-6910. If you need to dial a number such as 9 to dial out, enter it before the number, like this: 9,434-6910.

You'll now need to enter a modem initialization string into the Modem Init fiels. Many common Macintosh modems use AT&F1. If this doesn't work for you, consult your modem manual for an init string that turns on CTS (Hardware) flow control, and turns off XON/XOFF (Software) flow control. Click the Connect Script... button to bring up the script login dialog box. It looks like this:

In the first row, select Wait, and enter ogin: in the blank.

In the second row, select Out, and enter a capital P, followed by your login name. For example, if your login name is joe, you'll enter Pjoe. Then check the CR check box in this row.

In the third row, select Wait, and then enter ssword: in the blank.

In the fourth row, select Out, and enter your password in the blank. Also check the CR box in this row.

Finally, click the OK button. Back in the server configuration windows, click the Done button to save your configuration.

Configuring Other Software
Here is all the info you might need to configure the other software in the Internet Starter Kit:

POP Account:
Email Address:
Return Address:
POP Server:
SMTP Server:
News (NNTP) server:
NNTP Port: 119
IRC Servers:*,*,*,*

Operating the PPP Software
The Macintosh PPP software is easy to operate. Simply start MacWeb, Eudora, Netscape, Telnet, or any other Internet Software, and MacPPP will automatically dial and connect your computer to the Internet.

When you are finished using the connection, go into the Control Panels and open Config PPP. Click on the Soft Close button. This will hang up the modem and allow the PPP software to dial again later as needed.

Last updated 6/21/96