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Internet Nebraska:
Lincoln: 402-434-8680
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Universal Service Fund E-Rate Participant

Configuring Outlook Express on a Mac

Start up Outlook Express and then follow the instructions below:

1. Edit---> Preferences.

2. Click on New account.  "Name" is something descriptive (either your e-mail
address or full name would be best so you know which account it is) and choose

3. Enter your full name within the "Full Name" field.

3. Enter your email address in the "E-mail address" field. (ie

4. In the SMTP blank enter

5. In the Account ID field, enter your username. (ie joeclark)

6. In the POP Server field enter  If you want your password
saved, click on "Save Password" and then enter it accordingly.

7. Click "OK" and Outlook Express will be ready for you to use.

To send new message and retrieve new ones, just click on the "Send and
Receive" button just below the menu bar.