Configuring Trumpet Winsock for IN

Step 1

This first thing in configuring Trumpet Winsock for our system is to set up TCPMAN to correctly work with our system.

Open up the TCPMan program.

Pull down the File menu and choose Setup. This will bring up the TCPMAN configuration screen. Make changes to the IP Address, Name Server, and Domain Suffix so that it matches the picture below. The IP address should be, the Name Server should be, and the Domain Suffix should be


Press OK, and then choose Exit from the File menu. Choose Yes when it asks if you'd like to save changes.

Step 2

Download this new LOGIN.CMD script, and use it to replace C:\TRUMPET\LOGIN.CMD.

Step 3

To make Trumpet Winsock work properly, it also needs to be in your path. Make sure that C:\TRUMPET, or whatever directory you put trumpet in, is in your path, if it's not, add it the the PATH line in your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

You should now be ready to go!

Last updated 4/04/96