OS/2 Warp Internet Connection Setup Instructions

OS/2 Warp is one of the easiest software packages to set up for Internet use. Before you begin, you need to make sure that the IBM Internet Connection for OS/2 Warp is installed on your machine. It should have come with the Bonus Pak you got with Warp.

In addition to the IBM Internet Connection software, you may also need the file PPP.ZIP, depending on how old your copy of Warp is. You will be able to tell later if you need this file.

Configuring the Software
Open up the IBM Internet Connection for OS/2 folder. Inside is a Utilities folder, open it as well. Inside you will see a Dial Other Internet Service Providers icon. Double click on this icon.

Login Info
Click the Add Entry button, and you will get the add entries screen. You will first need to type a name and description for this connectoin. I used InetNebr for both, but you can call it whatever you like.

In the Login ID: blank, enter a capital P followed by your username. For example, my username is sweaver, so I type in Psweaver. Type your password into the Password: box.

In the Phone Number blank, enter 434-6910 if you're in Lincoln. The login sequence should say NONE.

In the Connection Type box, choose PPP. If the PPP choice is grayed out and you can't check it, then you need to install the PPP.ZIP file I mentioned earlier.

You can set the Inactivity Timeout Option to whatever you like.

Connect Info
Your IP Address:, Destination IP Address:, and Netmask blank. Set the MRU Size to 1064, and check the VJ Compression checkbox.

In the Domain Nameserver: blank, enter Enter dialin for the Your Host Name: field, and inetnebr.com for the Your Domain Name: field.

Server Info
In the News Server: blank, enter news.inetnebr.com. If you know a good gopher server, you can enter it into the Gopher Server: section, otherwise leave it blank. In the WWW Server: blank, enter http://www.inetnebr.com.

For the POP Mail Server:, enter pop.inetnebr.com. For the Reply Domain:, enter inetnebr.com. For the Reply (Mail) ID:, enter your username. For the POP Login ID:, enter your username again. Enter your password in the POP Password: blank.

Modem Info
In the modem info section, it's up to you to enter modem information that's appropriate for your modem. Data Bits: should be 8, Parity: should be none. Other than that, all information will differ with your modem. If you have trouble configuring your modem, grab your modem manual, and with it in hand, call out helpdesk at 434-8680. We'll be happy to help you out.

That's it! Your Internet Connection should now be configured. Use the Dial button to dial up, and then go and start any of the other Internet Programs.

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Last updated 07/17/96