Windows 98 Configuration

  1. Close all the windows on the screen.

  2. Double click "My Computer".

  3. Double click "Dial-up Networking".

  4. Double click "Make a New Connection".

  5. Name it "Internet Nebraska".
    Choose your modem from the list below.
    Click Next.

  6. Type in your local access number. Make sure you aren't dialing a long distance number!
    Click Next. Click Finish.

  7. Now, right click (with the right mouse button) on "Internet Nebraska". Choose "Properties" from the menu that appears.

  8. Click the the "Server Types" tab.
    Un-check "Log on to Network".

    Un-check "NetBEUI".

    Un-check "IPX/SPX".

    You should just have "Enable Software compression, and "TCP/IP" checked

  9. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button.
    The first dot should be next to "Server Assigned IP Address." Then, down below, move the dot next to "Specify Name Server Addresses."

  10. Now, double click on the first number next to "Primary DNS". This high lights the number. Now type, "". As you type it should advance to the next slot. Hit the tab key. And on the next line type "" in for the secondary DNS.

  11. Now click on all the OK buttons until you are back to the Dial-Up Networking Window.

  12. Now, double click on "Internet Nebraska". Fill in your user name all in lower case. Fill in your password exactally as we gave it to you. You are now ready to connect.

  13. Click "Connect", and your computer will connect to the internet.

  14. Click here to configure Outlook Express for Email.

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