Windows ME Setup Instructions

1. Begin by clicking on Start --> Settings --> Control Panel.

2. Double click on Internet Options. (note: if you do not see "Internet Options," click the link on the left that says "View All Control Panel Options").

3. Under the General tab, you will see the address of the page that Internet Explorer will open with. Replace the contents with:

4. Click on the tab labeled "Connections."

5. Click on the button labeled "Setup."

6. Choose "I want to configure manually..." Click Next.

7. Choose "I connect through a phone line and a modem". Click "Next."

8. Enter the phone number you will need to dial with the modem.

9. Uncheck the option to "Dial using the area code and country code."

10. Click the "Advanced" button and then the tab labeled "Addresses."

11. Under the "DNS server addresses" section, select "Always use the following."

12. In the "Primary DNS server" blank, enter

13. In the "Alternate DNS Server" blank, enter

14. Click OK and then Next.

15. Enter your Internet Nebraska username and password. Click Next.

16. For the Connection Name, we recommend something descriptive, like "Internet Nebraska". Click Next

Configuring Outlook Express

1. You will now be asked if you want to set up your e-mail and news services. Choose "Yes", Click Next.

2. Select the option "Create a new Internet mail account," Click Next.

3. You will now be asked for your "Display Name." This is your real name, e.g., John Smith. Enter it and click Next.

4. Enter your e-mail address (e.g.,, and click Next.

5. For "My incoming mail server is...," choose "POP3"; in the "Incoming Mail Server" blank, enter; and in the "Outgoing Mail Server" blank, also enter Click Next.

6. Enter your account name and password in the blanks. Choose Next.

7. Uncheck "To connect to the internet immediately, select ...."

8. Click Finish.