Windows NT 3.51 PPP Setup Instructions

Installing Remote Access Service (RAS)
1. Go to the Main program group. Double-click Control Panel, and then double-click Network. If you don't have any networking currently installed, you will need to go through the Windows NT Network Setup, so proceed to step 2a. If you already have some networking installed, then proceed to step 2b.

2a. If you don't already have networking installed, Windows NT will ask you if you would like to install it now. Click yes. NT will then ask if you want it to automatically detect your network card. Choose No. On the next screen, choose Remote to install RAS. During the installation, NT Setup will ask you what components you would like to install. Place a check mark in the box beside Simple TCP/IP Services, and then click Continue. Proceed to step 3.

2b. Once you're in the Network Control Panel, click Add Software. From the list, pick Remote Access Service, and then click Continue.

3. RAS will now have you select a COM port and modem. Hopefully you know what modem you have, and what port it's on. If you modem isn't listed, pick something similar or Hayes Compatable 14400 if there is nothing similar. Then click OK. On the screen that lists your installed modems, there is a button marked Network. Click this, and then make sure that only the TCP/IP box is checked. Then click OK to return to the RAS Setup screen. Click Continue. Back at the network settings screen, click OK. Then computer will work for awhile, and then ask you to restart the computer. You must choose Restart Now.

Configuring Remote Access
4. You should now have a group on your desktop called Remote Access Service. Open up this group, and then double-click the Remote Access icon inside the group. It will come up with a message that says your phone book is empty. It will then go into the Phonebook Entry Setup. For the Entry Name:, type in Internet Nebraska. For the Phone Number, type in 434-6910. Uncheck the box that says Authenticate using current username and password.

5. Click on the Advanced >>> button, and then click on the Network button near the bottom of the window. Then click the TCP/IP Settings button on the window that pops up. Click the box that says Server Assigned IP Address, and then click the box that says Use Specific Name Server Addresses. In the first blank, type in In the next blank, type in Near the bottom of that window, make sure that both Use VJ Header Compression and Use Default Gateway on Remote Network are checked. The configuration is now complete.

Using Remote Access
6. Click on Dial in the Remote Access program. You will get a window with blanks to enter your username and password. In the username blank, enter a capital "P", followed by your username. For example, if you username is joe, you'll enter Pjoe. Enter you password in the password blank. You're now ready to dial. Click on OK to connect.

7. When you're finished using RAS, switch back to the RAS program, and click Hangup.

Last updated 8/19/96