Windows NT 4.0 PPP Setup Instructions

Installing Remote Access Service (RAS)
Hopefully, RAS is already installed on your computer. If so, skip ahead to the Configuring TCP/IP section. If not, you're on your own since that part of this document isn't done. :)

Configuring TCP/IP
1. Go to the Control Panel and double-click Network. Choose the Protocols tab, and then single-click TCP/IP. If TCP/IP is not installed, you will need to add it by pressing the Add... button. Press the Properties button to begin configuring TCP/IP.

2. Select the DNS tab. In the Host Name: field, type in dialin. In the Domain: blank, enter

3. Click Add... under DNS Service Search Order, and type in Click Add to add it to the list. Repeat the process by clicking Add... again, this time entering

4. Now click the Add... button under Domain Suffix Search Order and enter, and finish by clicking Add.... The screen should now look like this:

5. Now click OK, and then OK again back at the Network Properties page. You will be asked to restart your computer and you must do so.

Configuring Dial-Up Networking (DUN)
6. Open the My Computer icon on your desktop, and then double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon.

7. If you don't have any DUN Phone book entries, it will say so. Press OK to add an entry for Internet Nebraska. If you already have another entry, you will need to press the New... button.

8. In the Name the new phonebook entry: blank, enter Internet Nebraska, and then click Next >.

9. Check all three boxes, and click Next >.

10. Enter the phone number fot the Internet Nebraska location you're dialing, and then click Next >.

Lincoln: 434-6910
Omaha: 597-9007
O'Neill: 336-3693
Valentine: 378-2011

11. On the Serial Line Protocol screen, choose Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), and click Next >.

12. On the Login Script screen, choose Automate with this script, and then choose Generic logon script from the drop down box. Then choose Next >.

13. In the My IP address: blank, leave it as since we will assign you one each time you connect, and the click Next >.

14. In the DNS Server: blank, enter Leave the WINS Server: all zeroes, like

15. Click Finish to complete the entry, and you're done.

Operating the Dial-Up Networking Software
To connect, bring up the Dial-Up Networking phonebook, and click Dial. Now you can run any Internet Software you wish. When finished, bring the Dial-Up Networking phonebook back up, and choose Hang Up.

Last updated 2/27/97